How to login Office 365?

When you're starting with Office 365, you may find our Office 365 for Beginners movies to be helpful. Don't hesitate to watch the video and see the overview below.

Your Office 365 accounts = Your identity

Office 365 works best when everybody in the team has an Office 365 account -- and your accounts is everything for you in Office 365, it's your identity, and when it has to do with working in the cloud, your own identity and the security of the identity is really important. It doesn't make a difference if you talk about mailboxes, or files, or duties with a different person, because that can all be accounted for and readily configured. The most important thing is, having your own Office 365 login is vital.

There are a number of unique techniques to login into Office 365, though my personal favourite is through Since that takes you to your Office 365 Portal and also you may access everything .

Personal vs Work or School?

Microsoft supply two different types of accounts. There is Personal Accounts and there's Work or School accounts. Unfortunately these are not the only two names these accounts go by. Private Accounts can also be known as Live IDs or even Microsoft Accounts. Work or School accounts are also called Office 365 accounts, including Organisational accounts or even Azure Active Directory accounts. But basically, Personal accounts have been accounts for customers and you use them to log into customer level services like the Skype, or Xbox Live or Faculty or work accounts are accounts which are offered to you from your own job or school. And you will mostly use these to register in the Office 365 services.

The tricky part is, even both of these accounts can be used to log in to the very same applications and services, and you may have exactly the identical email address associated with both kinds of accounts that's the case with mine.

I've signed up for a Microsoft account, or a Private Account, together with my Work School email, and I have an Office 365 account. When I put my email address , sometimes it'll say Work or School, or Personal account? And should you've signed up to get a Private Microsoft account using your work or school email and you also have Office 365 to get work or school, you're likely going to find this too.

For this reason, you have to pay attention, is that this particular login screen asking for a private account, or a work or college account, or can it be requesting either. The general guideline is, if you're using Office 365 to get school or work, select a'Work or college' account.

Inside the Office 365 Portal

Once you're logged in to Office 365, it is possible to do quite a great deal from within the portal. Here is what you're getting.

Install Office for both PC or Mac

Install Office in the top of the portal - This one might not be common to most people, although in the event you've obtained an Office 365 account that grants you the desktop versions of Office, it is possible to put in it for PC or Mac by clicking'Install now'.

Mail, Calendar, People and Tasks

The first 3 tiles Mail, Calendar, People, and also the one under called Tasks, are your email, your calendars, your contacts and your tasks. You're able to work with them from here through the browser, or even via Outlook, or onto your telephone or tablet computer.


This really is a social networking to your business. It is Exactly like an internal Facebook.


SharePoint Online is under Websites. SharePoint sites are places where your staff will collaborate on projects and share information.

OneDrive for Business is your private cloud file storage. It's personal to you, though it's possible to share things out of it.


Delve is your Office 365 hunt engine, additionally, it makes it possible to discover what's everyone's working on in Office 365.

Consider Office 365 Video as an internal YouTube which you may use for coaching videos, meeting recordings or some other video material that must remain internal.

Power BI

If you have signed up to the Electricity BI Add-on, then you will see it in the portal too. Power BI Pro is costs extra, however if understanding data is important to your company, it is absolutely worthwhile. The free version also enables you to reach a long time.

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote are the Online versions of the Office programs which you could utilize to work on your files on the world wide web, even in the event you don't have Office installed.


Sway is pretty like PowerPoint, use it to provide information in a way which look really nice on all devices.

So we've covered logging into Office 365, the difference between a Personal Account and a Function or School accounts, and we have touched on a few of the most popular Office 365 services. If you believe that's all you want to start, you can go ahead and dive right in. But if you do need to dive a bit deeper on a few of these solutions you can go on and take a look at a number of our other articles or videos.


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